Education at Drexel A Great Experience, According to Andrew Muc

Andrew Muc attended Drexel University and graduated in 1991 with a BS in Commerce and Engineering. According to Andrew Muc, the educational experience he received at Drexel was enriching and rewarding, and it really helped set him up for a great career. Drexel has a reputation for being a leader in implementing new educational techniques and technologies, and is recognized as a model of best practices in translational, use inspired research.

The Commerce and Engineering Program at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business educates students with a strong business core and a foundation in mathematics and engineering. Andrew Muc believes that the program gave him a well-rounded education, with practical knowledge valuable to both business and engineering fields. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and were excellent resources for students. College life at Drexel’s campuses in Philadelphia provided a strong learning environment for students, with incredible cutting-edge facilities and a great teaching staff.

Drexel University is on of the 15 largest private universities in America, and has campuses in Philadelphia and Sacramento. Drexel also provides one of the oldest and most successful online degree programs. Drexel is known for its experimenting with new educational techniques, and Andrew Muc believes this is what sets Drexel University apart from other major universities. “They’ve never been afraid to try new things and bring the best new educational techniques and technology into the classroom,” says Andrew Muc, “and this is how they provide such a top-notch education.”

Andrew Muc is proud to be an alumnus of Drexel University. His time at the LeBow School of Business at Drexel was an enriching educational experience that helped prepare Andrew Muc for a career and has provided him with many great opportunities in his life. Andrew Muc would encourage any student interested in a top-rate education to consider the programs available at Drexel University.


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