Taking Part in Toys for Tots with Andrew Muc

Toys for Tots is an incredible program that accepts donations of toys and distributes them around the holidays to less fortunate families and children. Andrew Muc is an active fundraiser for the Toys for Tots program in Pennsylvania. Volunteers like Andrew Muc help to collect toys and donations at various locations around their communities. Andrew Muc was very pleased with the program’s success in 2012 – thousands of toys were collected and distributed to many families. He claims that it has been the most successful year he has seen with his Toys for Tots program.

“In the holiday season, it’s important to consider the less fortunate families in your community,” says Andrew Muc. Donating or volunteering your time can make a huge difference for so many families. “It’s a great way to help spread the holiday spirit,” says Andrew Muc. The best part of working with Toys for Tots is delivering the toys you have collected to families in need, according to Muc. The joy you are helping to share is the best reward you can get.

Andrew Muc believes that it is very important for people to get involved and support there communities. There are many ways that you can help strengthen your community. There are lots of community programs and events that need the support of volunteers.

The Toys for Tots program began in 1947 by a group of Marine Reservists in the Los Angeles Area. The program has expanded all across America, and in 2012 collected millions of dollars in toys and donations to share during the holiday season. Andrew Muc is pleased to see how much the Toys for Tots program has grown in his community, and he looks forward to even greater success in years to come.


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