Andrew Muc on Life around Philadelphia

Andrew Muc loves living in the Philadelphia area. He has spent much of his life around the beautiful and historic city, and enjoys being part of Philly’s vibrant community. Andrew Muc attended college at Drexel University’s Philadelphia campuses, where he graduated in 1991 with a BS in Commerce and Engineering.

“Philadelphia was a great town to be a student in,” according to Andrew Muc. “Drexel Universities beautiful campuses provided a great learning environment, and the city’s art, culture, and music offered plenty of things to explore.”

Andrew Muc takes great interest in Philadelphia’s rich history. From Carpenter’s Hall to the Colonial Germantown Historic District to the iconic Liberty Bell and much, much more, Philadelphia has so many stories to tell and places to explore. Andrew Muc’s favorite Philly landmark is the Philadelphia City Hall. “The architecture is incredible,” says Andrew Muc, “and the building has so much history behind it.”

Of course Andrew Muc is also a fan of the great food that can be found in Philadelphia, including the town’s famous cheese steaks. The Philly cheese steak sandwich was invented in 1930 in South Philly’s popular Pat’s King of Steaks, which still serves up hundreds of the delicious sandwiches every day. Pat’s is located on Passyunk Avenue, across the street from its greatest cheese-steak making competitor, Geno’s Steaks. When asked where Andrew Muc gets his favorite cheese steak, he responds cryptically, “you’ll just have to try them both to see for yourself. Just make sure to order your sandwich ‘with’.” Andrew Muc recommends the sandwich with provolone, but wiz is delicious as well.

Between the great food, vibrant culture and rich history, Philadelphia has so much to explore. Andrew Muc is proud to have had been able to spend so much time in this incredible and interesting town, and recommends that anyone add Philadelphia to their list of places to visit.


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