Taking Part in Toys for Tots with Andrew Muc

Toys for Tots is an incredible program that accepts donations of toys and distributes them around the holidays to less fortunate families and children. Andrew Muc is an active fundraiser for the Toys for Tots program in Pennsylvania. Volunteers like Andrew Muc help to collect toys and donations at various locations around their communities. Andrew Muc was very pleased with the program’s success in 2012 – thousands of toys were collected and distributed to many families. He claims that it has been the most successful year he has seen with his Toys for Tots program.

“In the holiday season, it’s important to consider the less fortunate families in your community,” says Andrew Muc. Donating or volunteering your time can make a huge difference for so many families. “It’s a great way to help spread the holiday spirit,” says Andrew Muc. The best part of working with Toys for Tots is delivering the toys you have collected to families in need, according to Muc. The joy you are helping to share is the best reward you can get.

Andrew Muc believes that it is very important for people to get involved and support there communities. There are many ways that you can help strengthen your community. There are lots of community programs and events that need the support of volunteers.

The Toys for Tots program began in 1947 by a group of Marine Reservists in the Los Angeles Area. The program has expanded all across America, and in 2012 collected millions of dollars in toys and donations to share during the holiday season. Andrew Muc is pleased to see how much the Toys for Tots program has grown in his community, and he looks forward to even greater success in years to come.


Supporting our Furry Friends with Andrew Muc


Andrew Muc has long been a lover of animals, and he works hard to help make sure that people’s pets can get the healthiest and happiest lives they can have. A longtime supporter of his local animal shelters, Andrew Muc is proud to contribute and help more animals find supportive, loving homes.

“Animals have always been an important part of my life,” says Andrew Muc. A dog and cat lover, Andrew Muc is happy that his contributions to local shelters can help abandoned and rescued pets find a good home. Every year, thousands of animals are left abandoned in America, and it is up to local shelters to care and support them. Without donations from supporters like Andrew Muc, these programs would not be able to operate.

Andrew Muc Loves spending time with animals. He believes that a loyal put can add so much to a person’s life. Owning a pet can be a lot of hard work and responsibility, but pets are great friends in times of need. Andrew Muc encourages anyone who is thinking about getting a pet to first check out their local shelters, and to consider providing a caring home to an animal that is truly in need.

Andrew Muc hopes to encourage others to contribute and volunteer for these worthwhile programs across America to help protect animals in their communities. “Our furry friends do so much for us,” says Andrew Muc, “and we owe it to them to give back and provide them with better qualities of life.”

In addition to his local shelters, Andrew Muc is also happy to contribute to the Animal Arc Facility in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Andrew Muc believes that helping to keep these programs running is very important for the community, and can be very rewarding.


Ways to Help Stop Child Hunger in Your Community with Andrew Muc

Andrew Muc is a proud supporter of his community, and he and he is glad to volunteer his time for many community programs and events and contribute to important local programs. One cause that Andrew Muc is very passionate about is ending hunger around his community. The hunger issues in our society can be easily solved with more support from volunteers like Andrew Muc. Andrew Muc suggests these 5 easy ways that you can help solve the problems of hunger in your community:

  • Volunteer to Help Fundraise

Many programs, like the Strive to End Hunger programs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are driven entirely by volunteers like Andrew Muc. Contributing your time can help make a big difference!

  • Donate to Local Organizations

Organizations to fight hunger can help distribute food to people in need, but they require your donations to operate and provide food to the needy.

  • Run a Food Drive at Your Workplace

A food drive can help collect a lot of nonperishable goods that can help feed many hungry families. Starting a food drive at your workplace makes it easy for your friends and coworkers to contribute.

  • Volunteer at a Local Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens can provide hearty, healthy meals to many impoverished individuals in your area. Andrew Muc believes that volunteering at kitchens can be a very rewarding experience, and it can help many people.

  • Ask for help from your friends and social networks

Friends from your church, workplace, or neighborhood are often eager to help with such a worthy cause, and if you decide to get involved, Andrew Muc encourages you to share and invite your friends to join your efforts and make an even bigger impact.

Education at Drexel A Great Experience, According to Andrew Muc

Andrew Muc attended Drexel University and graduated in 1991 with a BS in Commerce and Engineering. According to Andrew Muc, the educational experience he received at Drexel was enriching and rewarding, and it really helped set him up for a great career. Drexel has a reputation for being a leader in implementing new educational techniques and technologies, and is recognized as a model of best practices in translational, use inspired research.

The Commerce and Engineering Program at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business educates students with a strong business core and a foundation in mathematics and engineering. Andrew Muc believes that the program gave him a well-rounded education, with practical knowledge valuable to both business and engineering fields. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and were excellent resources for students. College life at Drexel’s campuses in Philadelphia provided a strong learning environment for students, with incredible cutting-edge facilities and a great teaching staff.

Drexel University is on of the 15 largest private universities in America, and has campuses in Philadelphia and Sacramento. Drexel also provides one of the oldest and most successful online degree programs. Drexel is known for its experimenting with new educational techniques, and Andrew Muc believes this is what sets Drexel University apart from other major universities. “They’ve never been afraid to try new things and bring the best new educational techniques and technology into the classroom,” says Andrew Muc, “and this is how they provide such a top-notch education.”

Andrew Muc is proud to be an alumnus of Drexel University. His time at the LeBow School of Business at Drexel was an enriching educational experience that helped prepare Andrew Muc for a career and has provided him with many great opportunities in his life. Andrew Muc would encourage any student interested in a top-rate education to consider the programs available at Drexel University.